Ultrasonic Wave Use Titanium Welding Head

Ultrasonic Wave Use Titanium Welding Head

Material: titanium alloy gr5 / aluminum alloy optional Frequency: 20KHz / 28KHz / 30KHz / 35KHz / 40KHz Welding surface: customizable, conventional diameter 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 20mm Welding mold can be customized according to demand.


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Ultrasonic welding head introduction
Ultrasonic welding head is a general term for all ultrasonic transmitting ends, sometimes called ultrasonic mold. Its role is to couple the ultrasound generated by the transducer to the object being processed. Because it transmits ultrasonic waves, the welding head must work in a resonant state, that is, its natural resonance frequency must match the transducer; secondly, the amplitude must be uniform. The shape of the welding head end face should be adapted to the shape of the workpiece being welded.

Titanium welding head advantages

A. Good toughness, suitable for long-term vibration;
B. The thermal / ultrasonic conductivity is strong, thus ensuring the beautiful welding and cutting effect of the product;
C. High hardness, not easy to crack, deform and rust;
D. perspective of overall production efficiency is higher than Al ones.

welding horn

Ultrasonic welding horns for reference

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Titanium bar photos

titanium bar gr5

Ultrasonic welding generator

spot welder-2spot welder-3

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